Question about housing and education

I love England, I have been there, just once, but I love the story, the buildings the ACCENT hahaha! And Love to know more about everything in that country. So. I have come across with some stuff that are confuse to me.

First, I read this article about social housing.

But, what I couldn't understand was, "Housing groups reacted with shock to the news that rents for new tenants in council or housing association homes are likely to soar when the cuts take effect."

So,  social housing,  it is spouse to be, that someone who can't affford a "normal" rent ( normal, from the market) they chose to live in a house that is government property and pay the rent to the government? Or, any person can chose that kind o renting? or just the poor person?

And another thing, today, many students and lecturers came out, to protest for the increase on fees. from 3.000 and something, to 6.000, but it is JUST for public universities. So. that is another question, In England, all the universities are public, or there are more private than public? and this increase is also for the private universities?

Hope, someone of you can answer! I will be so grateful with you


Yesterday I wrote about the codec or "códices" aztecas. Let me show you an example of it


As the Mexicas just when they want to communicate themselves in written manner, they  have to do drawings, well in spanish is "  pictorgrafía" but I couldn´t find the correct translation. Then, all the  names of the people have a meaning  names of the gods and goddess. And, they well drew the meaning of their names. Like:

Miahuaxiochtl means: hehehhe ¡ I don´t know how to translate it: but I gonna give you the name in spanish " flor de maiz turqueza"

In fact México has a meaning: but the historians  don´t know what meaning put as the only one :O Gooood I don´t know if I gonna to translate all this text  o.k buuuuutt here I gooo!!!

Well the main idea of were it come from ( mexico) is that:

It is Nahuatl ( that is a fact not an idea) and it come from "Mexi" and the ending "co"  what means " mexicas ´place" ) as I told you they were tha citizens of Tenochtitlan)

Another theory is that México come from "maxitli"  which refers to "moon" or "goddess ´ moon" and " xielti" that means " center " or  navel

But.. another deep studies from the Nahuatl etimology  say that  México come from " mexitli" which literally means : navy´s moon" but  an a proper meaning is "moon´s son"

Well that´s for today hahahahaha

I hope my mother never knew that I did a little effort to translet this! because she is a transletor and she is a little  not cool person :O and Naat!! DON´T KILLE please!


I don´t know why some times my post don´t say important things, I mean, I forget to tell you important things.

1) The mexicas didn´t have a  written language, they just do images  called: códices ( codex)

2) the language was " Náhuatl

3) And, the mexica culture, not just was an indians, no way. they were very intelligent people. Well besides that just do human sacrifices for gods. hahahaha. They do alot of things. They built the pyramids with porpouse to adore to a one god, and I don´t know excactly if all the cultures have the same tought about the orientation of the pyramdis. but The Mayan culture, has one pyramid in Chichen-itza  which I don´t remember right now the name, but  in that pyramid  in the summer equinox of summer, you can see how a snake decend the pyramid. Well, in fact is not a sanke, but the sun´s rays make you see something like that. The sanke is called " Kuklkan" If I am not wrong in the way I am writing it down.

And well, the people seed lots of things, rice, beans, and I don´t remember what more :P I have to read that page of the book again. What I am writing down is just barely nothing, I mean, nothing, the culture is sooo rich, that I would need to write down all of it hahahahaha. But, I hope just write the better things.

México- Tenochtitlan

I forgot to mention something. The Mexica Culture ( I don´t remember if the other ones do it too) but, the Mexica culture. Used to do human sacrifices ohhh yeah! and guess what! They pull out the heart of the people! Of course,...Alive People  :O:O dicusting!!!

México- The people

Well, here in México, the people is too much different to many countries in Europe and Different to US.

I took french class when I was in collage. And my teacher told me, that the french people is so direct. they told you what they think. So honest. I mean if you smell bad, they tell you " Dude, you smell bad". But, one thing. What I want to show you is that. Here, in México, the people, do  many parties, the mexican people love the parties go out and have fun. But when, they make or do a party in their house, they invite people and that people invite more people  ;/ yeah! that´s awful, I hate it, but that´s the mexican, invite people to a reunion that maybe that pepole were not invite to it. But, for example, if you are in home and suddenly a friend go over there, the average of mexican, can´t say the friend " hey, come later because I have to go out" or, if the friend invite to come in to his or her friend and the friend ( that one that was invited) take so long in go away. I think the french and us people would tell her or his " Friend, I nedd you to go, because I am tired" so honest. Here, never. that would be descortesy.  totally descortesy, in that case the friend invited have to realise  that the friend don´t want her o his there anymore :O complicated right? but that is the mexican. or the average mexican. When something happen, I don´t know like when a friend or  any person have a problem with the other  use to  I dont´know how to say it in english, but, it is like take so long in say the truth. I man the friend or peson tell the person what he or she think about the problem with the friend, with the person, whatever, and don´t go  to the spot so fast, because if you do it, so fast, the other people is gonna catch as a bad play. As a... offense. that´s it.

Well time to go to bed!


I am gonna to think that he was some tired or just that he is so so so so so Vain Main but why for this Jared?  Ha, is just a question. Really? your hair? come one! ¡ no vaya a ser que tenga pulgas!  fleas maybe? in that thing? ha! what the heck!

"info]bobbinrob presented the Kangaroo Hat the girls wished for him to wear, his response to the unusual headwear? "Y'all a strange country." He pussied out of wearing the hat cos he didn't want it to ruin his hair (His words, not ours! LOL) but agreed to hold it up during the op. [info]bobbinrob and [info]briethehippo threw on their Crab Hats and well, the picture speaks for itself. :D :D :D"


Well my today post is about pronunciation of that word. And the location.

The Mexicas ( pronounce it like Meshicas) ( like misha) pronounced it as meshico.But, when the spanish came to conquest them. they just figure out that it had to be pronunced like "MeJico" That "j" is not like "jared" or "jensen" no no, I think that there is not word in english with that sound. But, have you seen "vanila sky" with tome cruise and penélope Cruz??? in that movie Penélope said " joder" well, with that  "J" is pronunced. But, today, we pronuce Mexico with "j" but is writeen with "X".

AND the location

Do you know what means NAFTA?
North American Free Trade Agreement. So, this is between, Mexico, Canda an US. México is in NORTH AMERICA. I say it, because in spain in the bookstore they have mexico in SOUTHAMERICAAAAA whaaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!

What another thing mmmmmm Let me think.

I think it is all for today, my eyes are shuting down so much and still I have to read some things.

see you

México- tenochtitlan

My country has lots of history. Around 1325 there was many tribus, cultures in my country. the most powerful was the culture called " MEXICA"   It is pronunced like MESHICA. And they called their City  México -Tenochtitlán the last word is pronunced ...Goshh mmm let me think in words

T like T

E like the "e" from Mexico hehehehehe
"ch" like SH

the "A" like the "a" of  "a while"

Of course there were many many of another cultures like Olmecas, Chichimecas, Zapotecas, Totonacas.etc. But this ones " meshica" commonly known as " AZTECAS" lived in what is now "México City" And they, built some pirmaids well knwon as  Teothiuacan´s pyramids.  Teotihuacan means : gods´ city. ( The name is in Nahuatl which was the "language" of that culture) All the cultures have gods for everything, the God of the rain, of th sun, of the moon. Like my name " IXCHEL" It belong to the MAYA culture. It was on Yucatan. Do you have heard about "CANCUN"???? Well, around that city were the Maya culture. And, in fact the pyramids of that culture (MAYA) was called one of the new seven wonders. CHICHEN -ITZA . ( I don´t remember what that means :O)Well my name was the Goddess´ love, fertility and if I don´t remember bad, of the moon.  :O

This is one of the Chcichen- itza pyramids

And in theotihuacan there is TWO pyramids. Pyramid´s moon, and sun.

the pic was taken from one of them, but I really don´t remember which is which :O I need to go over there now! Maybe for the next sunday. I don´t have gone for about  14 years! So I die for go, before they don´t allow to  climb them! Oh yeah! you can to climb them one of them has 220 steps :O) you do exercice!!!

Oh, did I mention that México was conquested by the spanish? yeah! And they bring to that cultures the catholic relgion. and tought them not to say f words. instead of say f words that are related to God, as the spanish people have.

They taught them words that don have any mean. Well some of they have

here are som of the f words.

Pendejo :  pubi´s hair

Cabrón means anything

Puta.... It is better If I shut up my mouth. ( no mean anything) means anything

Pinche: cooker, auxiliary ? it is one of the most popular, besides of "wey".

We use this word to say when something is not good or is fake, like " this pinche stereo is not working" or " my  pinche back is hurting me :P:P:P ) or when the people is so stupid to do something. or not just stupid, fool, or somethig bad realted to that people.  like " this pinche jensen is so arrogant" heheheheheheheheheheheh. Like when you are stuck on the traffick you say " pinche people why you don´t move on"

things like that. Well, I think it was so much bad for today. bad words are never good :O I am teaching somethin bad!!! :O hahaha well Tomorrrow I will post another post! :P seee you

and the most popular : WEY.  hahahaha that maybe it is not in fact a bad word, well it is a bad word but not a f word o it is? mmm I think yes, but, it expression is used when the friends are so so close they, instead ot say their names they say that word. but of course if the people are agree to be named in that way. or is usted too, when the people is scared  ir impress for something. 


México is my awful and beautiful country, it has lots of history, tons of it. I gonna to post some things about it. But, later because I am rush!
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